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Sustainable food system resources

A collection of quality resources sourced from academia, NGOs, industry and government.

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OrganizationResource nameResource TypeBrief summaryLink
Academy of Nutrition and DieteticsFood Security and Sustainabilitiy ResourcesList of resourcesWebsite that features sustainability resources and outlines principles of sustainable food systems. Link
The White HouseReport of the 50th Anniversary of the White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, and HealthWhite paper A report based on policy changes regarding nutrition-related challenges and stresses to the environment.Link
Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) FoodsourceEvidence-based Resources on Sustainable Food SystemsList of resourcesWebsite that provides evidence-based resources on sustainable food systems.Link
Academy of Nutrition and DieteticsStandards of Professional Performance White paper A tool for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists working in sustainable, resilient, and healthy food and water systems to assess their current skill levels and to identify areas for further professional development in this emerging practice area.Link
United States of Department of AgricultureKnow Your Farmer, Know Your FoodWhite paper A resource documenting the innovation, entrepreneurship, and impact of local food systems across the country.Link
World Resources Institute Creating a Sustainable Food FutureOnline CourseA report that provides courses that could allow the world to achieve a sustainable food future by meeting growing demands and closing the gaps of sustainability issues.Link
Sandro Demaio FoundationFrom the Ground Up - Regenerative AgricultureVideoInspirational video showing the steps farmers took to transform their practices and bring new life to their land by regenerating agriculture. Link
Tufts UniversityDecoding Food Labels GuideOnline guide to learn about and understand food labels in order to shop for healthy, sustainably- grown foods. Link
British Broadcasting Corporation (BCC)Female Cocoa Farmers Paid as Little as 23p a DayNews articleNews article highlighting the gender pay gap in the global chocolate industry. Link
Food System VisionsIDEO Open Innovative PracticeOtherWebsite that focuses on a human-centered design approach to solve complex problems regarding the food system through an open innovation platform that allows people to share their ideas and coordinate action around the world. Link
Leopold Center for Sustainable AgricultureCropping Systems Research TeamData / ResearchReview about a group of researchers conducting an experiment to develop a diversified crop rotation that will boost productivity, profitability, and environmental health. Link
Upfield A Better Plant-Based FutureWhite paper A policy position that advocates for the transformation of a more sustainable, equitable food system through the adoption of a plant-based diet. Link
EAT Stockholm Food Forum Biodiversity: The Race to Save Each OtherVideoLeaders from science, business, politics, and civil society discussing the importance of the relationship between biodiversity and the transformation of the global food system. Link
Kiss the GroundAn Introduction to Regenerative AgricultureWhite paper Discusses concepts and methods that focus on regeneration with respect to agriculture, the way we grow our food, fiber, and fuel. Link
Kiss the GroundThe Soil Story VideoShort film that shares the importance of healthy soil for a healthy planet.Link
Climate CollaborativeCatalyzing Your Consumers on ClimateVideoVideo that provides resources for different companies to build effective, action-focused dialogues on climate change. Link
World Wildlife Fund and Knorr UKFuture 50 FoodsWhite paper A report that identifies 50 plant-based foods that can boost the nutritional value of our meals while reducing the environmental impact of our food suplly and promote a more sustainable global food system.Link
International Food Information Council Foundation2019 Food & Health SurveyData / ResearchA survey that helps American consumers understand their perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors around food and food purchasing decisions. It examines issues related to health and diet, food components, food production and food safety as well as plant-based diets and food allergies.Link
EAT FoundationEAT-Lancet Commission Summary ReportData / ResearchA report that discusses targets for healthy diets and sustainable food production.Link
World Resources Institute Shifting Diets for a Sustainable Food FutureData / ResearchA report that provides a holistic approach and proposes production- and consumption-based solutions in order to close the food gap. Link
The International Panel on Climate ChangeClimate Change and LandNews articleA review of a report from a Registered Dietitian's perspective that discusses land degradation due to climate change, sustainable land management, global food security, and changes in greenhouse gases in land ecosystems. Link
The CounterClean Label's Dirty Little SecretNews articleArticle that discusses how the biggest trend in processed food exploits confusion about what "natural" and "artificial" really means.Link
Menus of ChangePrinciples of Healthy, Sustainable MenusGuideA guide that provides information about foodservice industry, and discusses findings from nutritional and environmental science perspectives on optimal food choices, trends in consumer preferences, and impacts on projected demographic shifts. Link
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsPlates, Pyramids, PlanetData / ResearchEvaluates government-issued food-based dietary guidelines from across the globe, specifically looking at whether they make links to environmental sustainability and personal health.Link
Smart Cities WorldSmart Urban Food Systems: What will the Future Taste Like?News articleAn article that highlights the fact that cities could be the best place to lead the change in the sustainable food revolution through redesigning the system using circular economy principles. Link
Thomson Reuters Foundation Opinion: Overlooked, Underused Crops: An Answer to Our Food System Problems?News articleArticle that addresses two major threats to our global food system, which include climate change and insufficient nutrion, as well as tools to overcome these obstacles. Link
CourseraClimate Change and Health: From Science to Action SpecializationOnline CourseFree online course that addresses adverse health impacts of climate change.Link
EAT LancetEATLancet vs Yes2meat: The Digital Backlash to the Planetary Health DietData / ResearchJournal article that summarizes and communicates the best available science on what constitutes a healthy diet within environmental targets. Link
Food NavigatorCOP25 Hears for 'Radical Transformational Change' of the Food System: 'Nobody Should Feel Any Comfort'News articleArticle that discusses efforts to transform the food system and tackle the impact of food production on climate. Link
Kiss the GroundKiss the Ground Soil Advocate TrainingOnline Course7-week online training program that teaches people how to be a knowledgeable, inspiring advocate for regenerative agriculture. Link
Business Insider AustraliaProcessed Foods Make Us Fatter, Lead to Cancer, and Are Linked with Early Death. But What Exactly is a Processed Food?News articleA study that provides evidence that processed foods aren't just bad for our health, but also cause people to eat more and gain weight.Link
The Food MedicSustainable FoodPodcast / AudioRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist explores the concept of food sustainability, and what a sustainable diet might look like. Link
Smithsonian MagazineNut Milks Are Milk, Says Almost Every Culture Across the GlobeNews articleAn article that discusses the history of cow's milk and non-dairy milk amongst various cultures, as well as the standards of identification for dairy products. Link
UN Environment ProgrammeAn Indian Farming Biodiversity Success StoryNews articleArticle that highlights how a significant number of traditional varieties of rice are still grown by small and marginal farmers across India, where they cater for local consumers' quality preferences and market niches. Link
The BMJWhat Role Should the Commercial Food System Play in Promoting Health Through Better Diet?Data / ResearchResearch article that states that the commercial food system has the potential to show leadership and support for dietary public health, but systemic change is needed first and this is likely to require governmental action. Link
U.S. Agency for International DevelopmentMulti-Sectoral Nutrition Resource ReviewData / ResearchA curated collection of recent research, tolls, and events that provides information regarding the developments and evidence in global nutrition programming. Link
The Rockefeller Foundation Food System Vision PrizeGuideAn invitation for organizations across the globe to develop a vision of the regenerative and nourishing food system that they aspire to create by the year 2050.Link
Nourish: Food + CommunityWhat's the Story of Your Food?VideoFood Journalist talks about why shared meals make for healthier, happier families and kids. Link
Nourish: Food + CommunityNourish Food System MapInfographicInfographic that displays a chart to help identify your relationship to food as well as the impacts of food literacy on the biological, economic, political, health, and social systems.Link
Raniforest AllianceRainforest Alliance Home PageData / ResearchWebsite that provides methods in which we can build an alliance to protect forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities, promote their human rights, and help them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis.Link
Fair Trade CertifiedSeek the Seal, Make a DifferenceList of resourcesWebsite that provides a product certification within the market-based movement fair trade in order to build an innovative model of responsible business, conscious consumerism, and shared value to eliminate poverty and enable sustainable development around the world. Link
U.S. Department of AgricultureUSDA Organic List of resourcesWebsite that helps you connect with programs, services, and educational materials that can help your organic farm or business. Link
GristLast-Ditch EffortNews articleNews article that discusses how a ditch in Indiana could provide a solution to the fertilizer problem in America.Link
Our World in DataEnvironmental Impacts of Food ProductionData / ResearchArticles that focuses on the environmental impacts of food and agriculture.Link
The Land InstituteThe Global Inventory ProjectVideoVideo that discusses a project that seeks to advance sustainable agriculture and ecosystem security through the incorporation of herbaceous and shrubby perennial species into large-scale contemporary agriculture. Link
International Food Policy Research InstituteFood Systems Dashboard: How It Will WorkVideoVideo of commentators reflecting on data that has been brought together from public and private sources to help decision makers diagnose their food systems and identify all their levers of change as well as the ones that need to be pulled first.Link
British Dietetic AssociationOne Blue Dot - The BDA's Environmentally Sustainable Diet ProjectList of resourcesWebsite that provides information, graphics, tools, and links to help improve the understanding of environmentally sustainable diets.Link
American Public Health AssociationPrecautionary Moratorium on New and Expanding Concentrated Animal Feeding OperationsData / ResearchResearch article that discusses the issue of the large-scale industrial operations that concentrate large number of animals in small geographic areas and the impacts this has on the environment and human health.Link
Food & Drink BusinessTyson Foods Announces Global Protein CoalitionNews articleNews article that discusses the Coalition for Global Protein and ways in which this Coalition could help to reduce food loss and waste, increase access to nutritious protein, and safeguard ecosystems.Link
Coalition For Global Protein Imagining New and Creative Solutions for the Future of Sustainable ProteinVideoCoalition that aims to explore and develop new solutions to sustainably feed the increasing world's population.Link
The GuardianRevealed: Monsanto Predicted Crop System Would Damage U.S. FarmsNews articleNews article that provides internal documents about how the U.S. agriculture giant (Monsanto) and the German chemical giant (BASF) were aware that their plan to introduce a new agricultural seed and chemical system would most likely lead to damage on U.S. farms.Link
Global Forest WatchForest Monitoring Designed for ActionList of resourcesWebsite that offers the latest data, technology, and tools that empower people to better protect forests.Link
edXSustainable Food Security: Food AccessOnline CourseOnline course that teaches about the basics of food access and decision-making.Link
MarketplaceFacing Water Shortages, Indian Farmers Dig InPodcast / AudioPodcast about a man from India discussing the changes that need to be made in regards to India's critical conditions of underground aquifers that may lead to a potential water crisis. Link
SeametricsInfographic: Interesting Facts About Farm Water ConservationInfographicInfographic that provides interesting facts about the tremendous amount of water used globally for agriculture while emphasizing the importance of conserving the world's water supply to feed the 9 billion people expected in 2050. Link
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsGlobal Food Losses and Food WasteData / ResearchResearch study that highlights the losses occurring along the entire food chain, makes assessments of their magnitude, and identifies causes of food losses as well as possible ways of preventing them. Link
Nature ResearchGenetic Diversity and Disease Control in RiceData / ResearchResearch study that supports the view that intraspecific crop diversification provides an ecological approach to disease control that can be highly effective over a large area and contribute to the sustainability of crop production. Link
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsCommission on Genetic Resources for Food and AgricultureWhite paper Report that makes a valuable contribution to the efforts of conserving biodiversity for food and agriculture as well as promoting its sustainable use for food security and human well-being and development worldwide, for current and future generations. Link
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsMake #NotWasting a Way of LifeInfographicInfographic that displays the amount of food lost and wasted through global good production, the environmental impacts of food loss and waste, and ways to prevent the amount of food loss and waste. Link
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsAgriculture: Mixed Crop-Livestock FarmingHandoutDiscusses the advantages and disadvantages of mixed farming.Link
Environmental ActionBeeport CardData / ResearchEvaluates bee conservation policies in our states. Link
Pollinator PartnershipPollinators Need You. You Need Pollinators.HandoutDiscusses the importance about how the ecosystem supports us and how our actions can help support healthy and sustainable pollination. Link
Xerces SocietyPollinator Conservation ProgramWhite paper Dicusses information about the importance of pollinators, the Xerces Society's pollinator conservation work, and how you can help. Link
United States of Department of AgricultureHow Gardeners Can Help PollinatorsHandoutProvides beneficial methods on how to make your garden a safe place for native pollinators. Link
Cable News Network (CNN)The Insect Apocalypse is Coming. Here's What You Can Do About It. News articleNews article that shares information about the rapid decline of insect populations, the impacts this has on the environment, and ways to help bug populations recover. Link
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsFAO's Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable AgricultureWhite paper Discusses how programs and projects are working toward a common goal to promote the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of pollinator diversity in agriculture and related ecosystems. Link
ABC NewsNearly 40% Decline in Honey Bee Population Last Winter 'Unsustainable,' Experts SayNews articleNews article that discusses how food prices could rise if the number of bees pollinating crops continues to dwindle. Link
The Guardian Plummeting Insect Numbers 'Threaten Collapse of Nature'News articleNews article that discusses how the decrease, and possible extinction, in insect populations may lead to a collapse of nature's ecosystems. Link
Barilla Center for Food and NutritionRoundtable: Preserving Mother EarthVideoVideo of professionals discussing how to preserve mother earth through food culture, local traditions, and biodiversity. Link
Barilla Center for Food and NutritionInterview with Ilaria CapuaVideoInterview of a health professional who provides a clear connection between agriculture and human/circular health. Link
Barilla Center for Food and NutritionInterview with Guatam N. YadamaVideoInterview of a health professional who explains the relationship between food systems, resources, and people. Link
eDXSustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean PerspectiveOnline CourseOnline course that discusses the challenges and opportunities of the agricultural sector in the Mediterranean basin. Link
Barilla Center for Food and NutritionRecipe Builder for Thai CuisineInfographicProvides suggestions on how to build a pasta recipe that is inspired by the flavors of Thailand. Link
Barilla Center for Food and NutritionChronicles of SustainabilityNews articleA variety of news articles that provide stories and in-depth information for sustainable development.Link
Barilla Center for Food and NutritionDouble PyramidHandoutProvides information about the double food and environmental pyramid, which highlights the close link between two aspects of food: nutritional value and the environmental impact.Link
Barilla Center for Food and NutritionRecipe Builder for Pasta InfographicProvides suggestions on how to build a pasta recipe that is inspired by the flavors of Italy. Link
Danone Institute North AmericaOne Plant. One Health Initiative. VideoVideo clip that discusses the mission, vision, and objective of Danone's One Plant. One Health Inititative. Link
Danone Institute North AmericaBiodiversityVideoShort clip of Danone's Nature & Water Cycle expert discussing the importance of biodiversity.Link
Danone Institute North AmericaSolving the Climate Crisis: Opportunities in AgricultureHandoutDiscusses the commitment and initiative that Danone took in order to diminish the negative impacts of the climate crisis.Link
Danone Institute North AmericaBiodiversity and Sustainability InfographicInfographic from the UN Biodiversity that discusses the relationship between biodiversity and human health. Link
Danone Institute North AmericaClimate ChangeVideoShort clip that discusses how Danone is leading a coalition of 19 of the world's largest companies committed to combatting climate change. Link
Danone Institute North AmericaOne Planet Business for BiodiversityVideoShort clip of Danone's Chairman discussing the impact of biodiversity on climate change.Link
Politico USDA Let Millions of Pounds of Food Rot While Food-Bank Demand SoaredNews articleNews article discussing the Agriculture Department's slow response to the farm crisis caused by coronavirus.Link
United Nations System Standing Committee on NutritionThe COVID-19 Pandemic is Disrupting People's Food EnvironmentsNews articleA list of available resources and key readings with a focus on nutrition and food systems that contribute to the coronavirus pandemic response. Link
British Broadcasting Corporation (BCC)Coronavirus: How Robust is Our Food Chain?Podcast / AudioDiscusses how vulnerable global food distribution networks are to the COVID-19 disruption. Link
International Food Information Council FoundationThe U.S. Food Supply Amid COVID-19News articleArticle that discusses how the food supply adapts during the global emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19 the components of the food supply, and the role of consumers in regards to the food supply. Link
Clif Bar & CompanyFair Trade Coffee InitiativeNews article: Is crafted with sustainably-sourced organic coffee beans from Colombia, sourced in partnership with Sustainable Harvest® .Link
World Coffee ResearchThe future of coffeeOrganizationWorld Coffee Research works on combating the effects of climate change in the coffee supply chain. Link
Clif Bar & CompanyOrganic for GoodNew ArticleIndustry-led commitment to organic and regenerative agriculture. Link
Clif Bar & CompanyClimate Leadership Award for Supply Chain Efforts (2017)News ArticleUS EPA grants Clif Bar & Company with Climate Leadership Award for Supply Chain Efforts (2017). Link
Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)Sustainable food systems - Concept and FrameworkGuideA sustainable food system lies at the heart of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Adopted in 2015, the SDGs call for major transformations in agriculture and food systems in order to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition by 2030. To realize the SDGs, the global food system needs to be reshaped to be more productive, more inclusive of poor and marginalized populations, environmentally sustainable and resilient, and able to deliver healthy and nutritious diets to all. These are complex and systemic challenges that require the combination of interconnected actions at the local, national, regional and global levels.Link
USDAA Shift to Healthier Diets Likely To Affect Use of Natural ResourcesArticleA recent Economic Research Service (ERS) study draws on findings from several earlier studies by ERS and research partners to analyze the effects of a change in the average American diet on the U.S. food system’s use of five natural resources: agricultural land, fresh ground and surface water, fossil fuels, forest products, and air, where air use is estimated in terms of emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.Link
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)Food security and nutrition: building a global narrative towards 2030White paperThis report takes stock of the amazing contribution that previous HLPE Steering Committee members have made over the last decade to improve our understanding of food security and nutrition and to provide evidence-based advice to the CFS and other actors in the global food security community. Link
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